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Posted on January 30, 2007 12:10 AM in Browsers
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First off, what the heck is up with IE7? After originally blogging some thoughts on IE7 back in October, I really haven't used it all that much. Especially after finding out about the brilliance that is IE Tab. Every now and then, though, I'll fire up Microsoft's browser to check my Hotmail email (something I probably only do twice a month at most anyway), since one would assume it would be much more efficient than attempting to do the same in a browser like Firefox or Opera.

Well, we all know what assuming does. I was dumbfounded by how slow IE7 processed my Hotmail inbox, freezing up over and over again as it loaded hover effects and switched between messages. There's nothing more irritating than the entire web browser locking up and the mouse disappearing while a simple email loads in a lame frame. I guess I'm lucky I very rarely check my spam magnet Hotmail account, and even luckier I never use IE7.

Secondly, has anyone noticed that Firefox has some copying and pasting issues? As someone who uses the title attribute religiously when linking, I very frequently copy and paste the headline of a web page into my posts. I've noticed that every single time I copy and paste a headline from a Slashdot article, Firefox inserts an extra space before the headline.

If you want to see this in action yourself, head on over to this Slashdot article and copy the headline that reads "CSS: The Definitive Guide." Then open up Notepad (or your favorite text editor) and paste the text. Nice, huh?

I've noticed this when copying text from other places, too. What's the deal? It's one of those minor bugs that probably won't get fixed until Bush gives up on Iraq, but it's something that annoys me to no end on a regular basis.

Maybe I just need a vacation.


Ian Clifton on January 30, 2007 at 6:47 AM:

Slashdot actually includes a space at the beginning of the LI/A tag. If you copy/paste from the part where the title is repeated just above the author and other info, you should have no problem.

I've mostly stayed away from IE7 as well, though I've found that it can freeze up when working with the autocad dwf viewer (and in other cases it displays a couple of jumbled pixels in the bottom right and the rest of the page is blank).

Bill Gates was just on The Daily Show last night, looking like a giddy boy on Christmas morning while he talked about Vista. I don't expect to be impressed by it either.


Bernie Zimmermann on January 30, 2007 at 9:49 AM:

Thanks for the tip, Ian. I still consider it a Firefox issue because it should really show me that I've selected that space. When I select the main title, only the text without the space appears highlighted.

I'm a little behind on my Daily Show episodes, so hopefully I'll have a chance to see Gates talk about Vista in the next couple of days.


Ian Clifton on January 30, 2007 at 11:30 AM:

Yeah, I agree that it should show the highlighted space. If the space is considered whitespace and ignored in the display, it should be ignored (and not copied) when you highlight the text (like what Safari does). Considering how rarely someone wants to copy a space at the beginning or end of any phrase, I think that they could easily solve the issue by running the equivalent of PHP's trim().


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