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Posted on February 07, 2007 8:53 PM in Browsers
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Regular readers might remember that I tend to blog from Opera Mini in stressful situations. I'd say a commute that took five times the usual time and a freezing house with a tree on the roof count as stressful situations, wouldn't you?

Anyway, it's thanks to such stressful situations that I've gotten some hands-on, albeit limited, experience with Opera's little browser that can. If you've ever used the default browser on a typical cell phone, you know just how painful browsing the web can be. Not only does it bring back painful memories of 14400 baud modems, but it adds insult to injury with a clunky interface on an already limiting device.

What Opera Mini does that your typical cell phone browser doesn't is take the clunky interface out of the picture and replace it with an intuitive, efficient experience. Not only that, it manages to do so while staying true to the actual design intended for not-so-mini browsers running on PCs. When I go to my blog on Opera Mini, I see the same color scheme I'm used to seeing. I see the same design elements I put so much thought into implementing. I don't see the 1994 equivalent of my blog. That is impressive, considering my blog is still incredibly useful (Opera Mini's doing, not mine) on such a limited screen space.

To be honest, I would use Opera Mini a lot more if I wasn't held back by the ridiculous amounts of money Cingular charges me per precious kilobyte transferred. There's something incredibly useful about being able to fire up Google Maps or do a Google search for 'home depot seattle' when you're out and about, miles away from your PC.

If you haven't given Opera Mini a try, I highly recommend it. Just launch your phone's clunky browser and browse on over to Hey, look, we found a real use for that clunky default browser...and a way to put it out of its misery once and for all.


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