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Posted on March 24, 2007 4:10 PM in Browsers
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When I bought my new RAZR phone, one of the first things I did was download Gmail Mobile and Opera Mini. However, unlike the previous time I had downloaded the latter (on my older phone), I noticed that the default search engine had changed from Google to Yahoo!. I wasn't pleased to see that, but I hadn't yet tried to search for anything.

Today, that changed. I needed to find a Wells Fargo for my soon-to-be mother-in-law, who is visiting this weekend. Since I'm a Bank of America customer, I had no idea where to find one, so I figured I'd fire up Opera Mini and try a Yahoo! search for 'wells fargo burien wa' since we were in Burien at the time.

Unfortunately, unlike the search results on a PC, the mobile search results seem to omit the "Local Results" section, which is the only thing that would have been useful for me. What I did see were some ad-like links and nothing of any real utility. I had used Google on the older Opera Mini to do the same type of search in the past, and had been presented with phone numbers, addresses and even maps, so today's search was disappointing to say the least.

I remembered reading over at Opera Watch just this past week that others had voiced the same concerns regarding Opera's decision to switch to Yahoo! from Google. So I decided to head back on over there and read what I had read again. This time around, I realized that Opera actually intends to switch to oneSearch from Yahoo! very soon.

The article at Opera Watch not only covers this planned transition, but also links to a flash demo of oneSearch that is pretty cool. They've put a lot of thought into stripping out all the stuff that makes sense on a PC and not so much on a mobile device. Their "pizza" search example shows exactly what I expected to see when searching for "Wells Fargo" today. In fact, they make it a little easier since you can set your default search location and leave off the "burien wa" or "seattle wa" that I typically tack on to the end of my local mobile searches. Anyone who's searched on a mobile device before knows that the fewer button clicks you have to use to get what you want, the better.

So like Daniel Goldman of Opera Watch, I'm definitely eagerly awaiting Opera Mini's switch to oneSearch as their default search engine.


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