Memories of Sixth Grade Camp

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Posted on October 01, 2003 7:51 PM in Blathery
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In Puyallup, the town I was born and brought up in, sixth graders go to camp for a week during the schoolyear. This annual voyage is dubbed, quite appropriately, "sixth grade camp."

Sometime during the schoolyear of 1991-1992, I boarded a bus, bag packed, and headed off to sixth-grade camp at "Miracle Ranch." What would follow was a week-long adventure, memories of which I would retain until this very day.

Among those memories include my two camp counselors, who were bigger hellians than any of the members of my sixth grade class. Actually, I take that back. One was a hellian (whose reputation at my former high school remained when I arrived there 3 years later) and the other was a soft-spoken pushover who simply went along with his counterpart's devious plans and activities.

Having such a duo as mentors proved to be essential to the overall experience that lied ahead. I don't believe more than a day passed by before our "cabin" was running down dirt trails chanting PG-13 raps and rhymes like something straight out of Lord of the Flies. Not only that, but Jacob, a close friend of mine at the time, and I had been taught by our counselors how to tie a "do rag" and were already constantly seen adorned in "gangsta-ish" bandanas.

Of the controversial events that would follow, I think the gigantic pillow-fight that happened outside our cabin stands out the most. It was, of course, brought about by the head counselor of my cabin, who went on to severely injure one of the camp-goers before it was all over (to be severely injured as a sixth grader equates to getting a nose bleed, just to be clear). Shortly after we were repremanded by the head of Miracle Ranch and told that any such further actions would contribute to us going home early. Needless to say it didn't happen again.

One of the milder occurrences of that week, although just as memorable, arose from a horse-riding session we were forced to take part in. I, of course, was given the oldest horse at the ranch, and probably the oldest horse in Washington state at that particular time. When all my peers' horses were slowly trotting counter-clockwise in a circle, mine was facing clockwise. To add to the fun, he wouldn't move. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, I was instructed to kick the horse vigorously. "Kick him harder – he will listen," I was told. Of course, the harder I kicked the less he listened. I wouldn't be surprised if the horse died later that night – I kid you not.

There were other memories, beyond all the gray squirrel crap you're used to hearing about at these sort of camps. There was the licking slugs to get beads (which I still don't understand to this day), the after-hours basketball games we played inside our cabin, the coming back from campfire to see that our cabin was in the process of burning down; there was the shower I took that might as well have been ice water it was so cold, and the night I got into bed so carefully (and wisely, in hindsight) that I avoided the pitfall that awaited after some of my cabin-mates had removed the support under my mattress. There was the really strange kid that just couldn't take the pressure of being away from home at such an early age, who wouldn't stop babbling in the middle of the night and crying all through the day. Man, we hated that kid.

My last memory of sixth grade camp involves Jacob and I boarding the bus with our do rags on, singing "Under the Bridge" very loudly and without end, while we showed off for the sixth grade girls and thought that, thanks to the undeniable influence of our devious counselors, we were the coolest and baddest sixth graders to ever survive sixth grade camp.


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I went to Miracle Ranch and it was a blast!!!


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what to see my camp pictures i went the year of 2007 at island lake!


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