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Posted on October 02, 2003 5:40 PM in Web Design
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I'm quite amazed at the furor that has erupted over at MozillaZine today regarding an XHTML/CSS standards compliant reworking of the Mozilla home page. Even though the modification is unofficial and may never actually see the light of day (at least on Mozilla's server), people are posting like crazy with opinions about web standards, XHTML MIME types and the way Mozilla should position itself among potential users.

While I agree with many of the posters who said the page should not be sent as XML to the browser when it obviously alienates Internet Explorer users (the main users Mozilla is trying to convert), I disagree with those who have said that the Mozilla.org design is not as pretty nor efficient as the previous version. The last version of the Mozilla website was horrid (and unfortunately, remnants of it still remain on most of the sublevel pages). The new design is much easier on the eye and looks ten times as professional. The obvious next step is to further mold the code behind the scenes so that the site adheres to the web standards that the foundation's products adhere to so well, leading to efficiency and an even greater level of respect among those of us who are constantly working toward a standard web.

Don't be surprised if I post more on this subject later. The topics of standards compliance, Mozilla and XHTML/CSS design all boiled into one has me foaming at the mouth.


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