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Posted on October 04, 2003 11:27 PM in Sports
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I think the last time I caught a Husky game on TV was when they got beat badly by the Ohio State Buckeyes to open the 2003 football season. Since then, I've been watching the games via those very boring online "game trackers" or radio stations local to their opponents that happen to be streamed online.

So, this afternoon before I left to visit my mom in Puyallup, I hear that the Huskies have taken an early 3-0 lead over the UCLA Bruins. About 8 hours later, here I am, and I see that the Bruins ended up scoring 39 points in the second half and completely destroying my dawgs. I hate to say it, but I feel like any chances of an exciting bowl-run flew out the door with today's loss.

College football is a lot different than the NFL. In the NFL, you can lose one or two games early on and still come out with a championship season. In the NCAA, unless your schedule is noticeably difficult, one or two losses can put an early end to your season. When it comes to the Huskies, I expect them to be lossless toward the end of the season when their Apple Cup game approaches...not to be 3-2 near the midway point. Oh well, I'll still enjoy them trampling all over the Cougars come November. Sometimes a good Apple Cup win is as rewarding as a bowl championship when you're a Husky fan.


John Frederick on December 31, 2005 at 1:24 PM:

Found your post by the title. I'm a college football fan, in general - but especially of Pac-10 football. I'll root for the Pac-10 over anyone, unless the Pac-10 team that is playing is UCLA. God I hate them. Attitude, disrespect, general stupidity among their students and alumni. I work for a major accounting firm in downtown LA. UCLA grads rarely, if ever, are even given a first interview - and my boss is a UCLA grad (one of the few I know with a brain)!!!! He, himself, admits that the quality of a UCLA education has gone downhill during the past few decades. Believe it or not, he prefers to hire 'SC or even Cal State grads. We do have one junior auditor who graduated from UCLA in '95. Whenever there's a major problem that needs to be reworked or requires someone to come in on Sunday to review, it's his client account 90% of the time. My boss would fire him, but there's a family connection to one of our NY partners. Myself - I'm a CSU Long Beach grad.


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