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Posted on June 19, 2007 11:51 PM in Miscellaneous
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Holy crap. After downloading the Opera Mini 4 beta tonight (I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, but I'm sure I will the next time I get stuck in traffic), I decided to go ahead and download the mobile version of Google Maps on my RAZR. I've heard various ramblings from people that their addition of traffic information comes in handy for anyone who commutes in the Seattle area.

However, I have to reiterate. Holy crap. Not only is the app slow as goats, but I get this friendly little message on the UI that says "Traffic may load slowly on this phone." Oh goodie. To make things worse, every time my phone tries to use the data connection, I'm presented with a modal dialog that asks for my permission to do so, presenting only the following three options:

  1. Yes, Always Ask
  2. No, Ask Later
  3. No, Never Grant Access

Huh? What kind of options are those? There's no "Yes, Always Grant Access" or even a "Yes, Grant Access Automatically for This Session" option. This is annoying in an app like Opera Mini that only tries to access the data network whenever I browse to a new URI, but it's uber-annoying in an app like mobile version of Google Maps that accesses the data network many, many times per request to download all of those map panels you see (you may have noticed these panels showing up when using the non-mobile version).

Forget this. I'm sticking with the small screen version of WSDOT traffic to get my local traffic information.


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