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"Pretend every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello."
Death Cab For Cutie / Little Bribes

Posted on July 08, 2007 1:28 PM in Blathery
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I have a slight problem with incompetence, especially when it comes to high-profile productions of any sort, whether they be on the web, television, etc. When it comes to low-profile productions like YouTube videos or blog posts, grammar errors, spelling mistakes or other blatant mistakes aren't quite as concerning (I know I've made my fair share), but when I see things like misspellings in the little tickers that fly by at the bottom of CNN or Fox News news casts (if you can call them that anymore) it really annoys me.

Today I checked out the Live Earth coverage on MSN to watch a clip of Spinal Tap performing in London. On the subject of incompetence, I could go off on a tangent about the stability of their video feeds, but I won't. What angered me more was the fact that they screwed up one of their graphics that points to a performance by one of my favorite bands, Keane. Rather than correctly referring to their song Bedshaped, they included the name "Bad Shape" in their graphic.

So what did MSN do, hire some intern to listen in on the feeds and create the graphics on-the-fly based on what he or she heard the bands introduce their songs as? A quick Google search would have been enough to turn up the correct song title.



Fred Campbell on July 10, 2007 at 7:14 AM:

I'm with you on that one.

My particular bugbear is that in the UK people insist on spelling optimisation, organisation, specialised, etc. with an S instead of a Z.

A quick look in the Concise Oxford Dictionary shows the use of an S as 'alternative spelling.'

But everyone thinks that looks like American spelling, and so they insist I change it - even after they have looked it up for themselves!


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