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Posted on July 26, 2007 1:30 AM in Blogging
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After my little rant on Sunday, it was funny to see the headline Using AI To Filter RSS Feeds on Slashdot tonight.

The article points to AideRSS, a service that takes your feed subscriptions and applies its "special sauce" to find the subset of posts from those feeds that they believe are of most interest to you. The following comes directly from their FAQ:

In a nutshell you enter the URL of the feed that you would like to have filtered and we do some math and checking around the web to learn about this feed, its statistics, and people’s reaction to it. We then assign PostRank scores to all articles in the feed and provide you with a variety of tools to sort and parse these items of interest into manageable lots for you to scan and digest at your leisure.

At another link available from the Slashdot article:

After using AideRSS for a few days, there's definitely something there. While it probably needs to become more user-friendly, AideRSS shows good progress in tackling a major problem/challenge for many people who rely on RSS feeds to consume information.

This sounds interesting, and its definitely the closest thing I've heard of to what I've been suggesting. However, from what I can tell, it sounds like it uses a lot of external information to make decisions about what might be pertinant to an individual feed subscriber. I much prefer the idea that I'm in charge of what interests me, and that my newsreader would simply pay attention to my interests and learn over time to present the most relevant and interesting topics and bury the ones I'm not likely to care about.


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