Seahawks Scrimmage at Memorial Stadium

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Posted on August 05, 2007 11:27 PM in Sports
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On Saturday evening my fiancée and I drove up to Memorial Stadium to watch the first public Seahawks scrimmage of 2007.

When we arrived, the weather was nice and the stadium was packed. Rather than heading to the bleachers to find a seat, we walked over to a fence along the south end of the stadium with a clear view of most of the field (with the exception of the southwestern corner, which was obscured by some trees).

We arrived during team warm-ups, and I noticed Brock Huard down on the grass just below us taping a segment for Northwest Cable News.

Shortly thereafter, Mike Holmgren addressed the entire team before sending the special teams units on to the field for punt drills. Here's a shot I took of Bobby Engram returning a punt during those drills:

Bobby Engram Receiving a Punt

At some point during the punt drills, my fiancée pointed out a woman and some kids that she thought might be related to Nate Burleson somehow. One of the kids, who was a very cute little boy, was wearing a jersey that said "Lil' Nate" on the back.

After punt drills, the first team offense and defense came on to the field and started their 11-on-11 scrimmage. I only saw Shaun Alexander on the field once during that time, but it was a lot of fun watching Matt Hasselbeck drive the team down the field as Mike Holmgren looked on.

At some point during the scrimmage, my fiancée looked to the right of us and noticed a man standing right by me that looked just like Nate Burleson. She asked him if he was related and he told us Nate is his younger brother. It was only later that I found out his name is Kevin Burleson and that he actually plays in the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats.

The remainder of the scrimmage brought a few highlights, including Seahawks President of Football Operations Tim Ruskell walking on to the field and Kelly Jennings' 100-yard interception return for a touchdown.

After the scrimmage, we worked our way down the east stands toward the field to try and get an autograph from some of our favorite Seahawks. The table we would have had access to had players like Leonard Stephens, Marcus Pollard, Lofa Tatupu, Deion Branch and Deon Grant sitting at it, but unfortunately we never made it down to the field (but a lot of kids did, so that was good).

We were smart and lingered at the bottom of the stands, though, and Rocky Bernard and Marcus Tubbs were nice enough to come over to the stands and sign autographs for us (and several other patient fans) even though they were officially done with the autograph signing.

And in honor of Mr. Tubbs, who graciously signed a mini football for me, here's my favorite picture from the day:

Marcus Tubbs

The whole experience was an amazing one, and we're already looking forward to the scrimmage at Husky Stadium on Wednesday morning.


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