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"Love's the only engine of survival."
Leonard Cohen / The Future

Posted on September 02, 2007 2:32 PM in Music
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The Shins at Bumbershoot 2007

My buddy Mike and I went to Bumbershoot yesterday. It ended up being the perfect day for it as the weather was nice and warm. We showed up a bit too early, as most of the acts had not started yet and there were relatively few people there. However, once we had walked the grounds for a bit, more people started pouring in and the acts started getting underway.

After grabbing some lunch (I had a bratwurst with sauerkraut), we went over to catch Carrie Akre, who used to be the lead singer for the band Goodness back in the day. She was pretty good, but also pretty mellow.

Next we wandered over to the "Esurance" stage (the fact that all the stages were named after companies and not after their actual location was a bit annoying) and leisurely listened in on the end of the set of Forgotten Sol. They were a little more upbeat, and were pretty good background music for a conversation Mike and I had.

At around a 1:45pm we made our way down to Memorial Stadium in anticipation for The Shins, the main reason we went to Bumbershoot. I thought their set was good and I noticed they really do a good job of emulating their studio sound, most likely because their studio sound emulates playing live so well. The crowd was a little strange in that there were a few people randomly crowd surfing during slow songs or when music wasn't even playing, there were a couple guys up on the shoulders of who knows who, and everyone was kind of content with their little bubble of personal space rather than squishing up toward the front to get a closer look at the band.

If the Bumbershoot organizers didn't make it nearly impossible to figure out where the comedy acts were, we probably would have checked a couple of those out too, but by the time we did find them the shows seemed to be full. We therefore ended up leaving not long after The Shins set.

Probably my biggest disappointment is missing out on the Crowded House set. Hindsight is 20/20, but according to Billboard, Eddie Vedder joined them on stage. I'm pretty much kicking myself right now.

The Shins courtesy of Flickr user joshc.


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