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Posted on October 15, 2003 4:49 PM in Browsers
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Mozilla has presented me with a whole gang of surprises today, one day before my 24th birthday. Not only have they unleashed a new version of their website for previewing, but they've released new versions of Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird as well. In fact, I'm currently writing this entry in Firebird 0.7, after having run a Firebird Installer for the first time (I'm used to the old unzip method).

After only a few minutes of using version 0.7, I must say that I'm impressed with the speed. Web pages seem to load a lot quicker than they do in Mozilla 1.4 (the version I'm running alongside Firebird). Firebird seems to be running either as fast or faster than IE, too, which is a big plus. There are still some "shaky" elements in the options dialog that take away from Firebird's overall stability, and I noticed you can't change your tab settings like you can in the suite. For instance, in Mozilla 1.4 I'm able to specify that tabs should open with Google (or another page of my choosing). In Firebird, when you open up a new tab you get a blank page, whether you like it or not.

Overall I'm impressed. I could download the new version of Mozilla, but from what I've heard the core part of the browser hasn't really changed all that much. Most of the changes involve ChatZilla, Composer, and the new SpellChecker (none of which I have any particular use for). It's great to see Mozilla making strides, though, and getting the airplay it deserves. I think now that I've got this new version of Firebird to play around with, I may just try to port my favorite theme from the suite. Although, I must say that I have my eye on an up-and-coming theme called "Smoke" too. It's good to be a Mozilla fan these days...


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