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Posted on September 22, 2007 3:48 PM in Personal
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My fiancée and I went to The Fair on Wednesday. It's the first time we've gone since about four or five years ago. Not much has changed, but that's part of the fun of going to the fair.

After sitting in traffic for over an hour, we arrived at my brother's place. He was nice enough to offer to drop us off, and my cousin Travis, who apparently has been working at the fair this year, was nice enough to offer to come to the gate and give us free admission tickets. That saved us a good $20 right-off-the-bat, and it was good to finally see my cousin again. The last time I saw him, I think he was probably somewhere in the four-to-five foot range. Now he towers over me.

After we picked up our Dizzy Passes (which basically give you free access to ride on 95% of the rides as much as you want), we quickly headed toward the Wildcat. After that, it was on to the Sea Dragon, a pendulum like ride that never disappoints.

After that, my brother called and let us know he was on his way over to join us. We met him back where he had dropped us off, and after they picked up their Dizzy Passes, we walked to the Enterprise, my favorite ride. My fiancée wasn't so sure about going on it with me, but after some convincing on my part, we got on and had a fun time. She was a good sport about it.

We then waited in line for half an hour for a ride called "Jumping," which coincidentally has to be one of the stupidest names I've seen for a fair ride. However, the ride looked fun, so we waited patiently, even after seeing that the ride had been stopped for a short while as some fair employees inspected it. When we finally rode it and it started to shake uncontrollably, my brother and I looked at each other as if our lives were about to end. However, it ended up being a part of the fun the ride has to offer, and we ended up living to tell about it.

What we thought would be our last ride of the night was called El Niño. It spun around and went upside down several times. It's one that my fiancée and I had gone on the last time we were at the fair, so it would have been a good one to end on.

Once we had our fair share of rides, we made our way over to one of the games. We sat down at one of the horse race games where you roll the ball into holes, each with an associated number of points, and your horse moves forward according to the points you accumulate. I picked horse #10, named "Gallant Fox," and it ended up being a lucky horse. I was the winner among about six or seven fairgoers — my brother and fiancée included — so I won a little stuffed lion that I, of course, gave to my bride-to-be.

After that, she wanted a snow cone, so we got her one of those (one of the biggest snow cones I've ever seen), and since we knew she'd be occupied for a bit and didn't have any interest in going on any other rides, my brother, his girlfriend and I went on a smaller ride called Torpedo. The whole point of the ride was to spin a wheel in the middle to get your four-seated compartment spinning as fast as you could. We got going so fast that it really didn't matter that the ride wasn't officially "going" at that point. Once the outer portion of the ride finally started spinning in circles, we couldn't tell the difference. I never officially slipped into a state of vertigo, but it took about an hour for the effects of that ride to wear off and for my stomach to feel even remotely close to normal again.

As the fair was closing, we made our way into a long line of people waiting to buy scones, probably the single most important thing that the fair has to offer each and every year. The 45-minute wait was well worth it, as we made out with two dozen of the delicious scones, the taste of which there are no words to describe.

Photo of Scones in Bags at The Fair

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