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Posted on October 22, 2003 11:53 PM in Miscellaneous
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There was an interesting article posted at MozillaZine today pointing out some of the positive (and not-so-positive) press that the Mozilla Foundation has received after the release of Mozilla 1.5 and the latest versions of Firebird and Thunderbird. However, the only reason I'm mentioning it here is because of the little bit of sarcasm toward the end that put a smile on my face when I read it for the first time. While covering some of the points made by C|Net, the following remark was made:

"The article also reminds us that Apple chose KHTML and not Gecko for Safari. Again."

Having read several C|Net articles now that involve Mozilla, Safari, or even not-so-related topics like the Opera browser, I have noticed that they seem to love reiterating the point that Apple passed over the Gecko rendering engine to instead use KHTML for the Safari engine core. I just thought it was funny that an article at MozillaZine, a site which seems to be fairly objective all things considered, would contain such a morsel of witty sarcasm.

Elsewhere on the technical front, I've noticed that MSN and Yahoo continue to compete in the web-based email market. Shortly after hearing by word-of-mouf (random Ludacris reference) that Yahoo was increasing its spam-fighting capabilities and extending its mail features, I received an email from Hotmail saying that I should check out an up-and-coming version of their web-based email. It is at least nice to see that a genuine effort is being made to try and control spam.

And before I leave for bed, I should probably note that tonight is a very sad night for me. About 2,000 lucky Pearl Jam fans got to hear the band perform an all-acoustic set at Benaroya Hall here in Seattle tonight. As hard as I tried to get tickets, for some unfortunate reason it was not meant to be. I am happy for the few fans who actually got to go and enjoy what I'm sure was a very memorable Pearl Jam show, but I am lamenting tonight, nonetheless.


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