You Listen to Crap

Album Cover: Sea Change

"How could this love, ever changing, never change the way I feel?"
Beck / Lonesome Tears

Posted on October 26, 2007 12:30 AM in Music
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I caught this in the latest Pearl Jam newsletter:

Hello, my name is Adrienne and I live in Washington and am in the fifth grade. I know I am just a kid but I think your music is extremely amazing. I have all your songs you wrote on my ipod, I know that it's compressed but it's all I have. My mom and I can't wait until you guys come to Washington because we love your music and we love your shows. It's taking me all my guts to write you guys, but I like you so much I'm not scared. Pearl Jam is my favorite band in the whole universe. I have never hated one of your songs, I love every single one. I have almost every cd. I have one question, can you come to the Gorge or The Key Arena sometime in the Spring? I really want to see you again. Lots of my friends wouldn't understand because they make fun of what I listen to because I listen to Rock, but I say "Well you listen to crap".

From: Adrienne
Pearl Jam rocks



Syeed Shah on November 01, 2007 at 5:01 AM:

What the hell give the kid his dream and visit the county arena.


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