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Posted on November 03, 2007 2:57 AM in Computers
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First there was Yoda, then there was R2D2, then came Chewbacca, and now as of tonight, I have welcomed a new computer into my life: C3PO.

As geeky as I might proclaim to be, up until yesterday I had never built a PC from scratch before. That has now changed, thankfully, and surprisingly enough it was fairly straightforward. Because I built the PC with my own bare hands, I decided to name it "C3PO," sticking with my Star Wars naming scheme and taking into account the fact that Anakin built C-3PO from scratch with "discarded scraps."

So of what scraps is my C3PO made up?

After finding a sweet deal on the motherboard/CPU combo at Fry's ($99) and a great price on the 320GB hard drive (open box for $64.99 at Newegg.com), the total cost to build it myself ended up at around $360.

Tonight, I installed Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on the machine and it's running great. I'll now have the opportunity to get some of the Ubuntu experience to which I alluded here in the past. So far so good, though, and it's nice to be on a computer that's running Linux and can handle whatever I throw at it with ease.

Building this computer was a bit of a crash course for me, and I'll be building an even better one in the coming months. This one, though, will take the place of Yoda, which I've decided to formally retire (it almost and probably could have lasted me 10 years!). It's funny, because a little over four years ago I wrote:

I just really hope that...the old Gateway (Yoda) can take a bit of a breather and maybe just run Red Hat into its old age.

And that it did.


Zim on November 03, 2007 at 10:51 AM:

Wow, nice computer! :)


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