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Posted on November 14, 2007 1:40 AM in Sports
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I took my fiancée to the 49ers game on Monday night as an early birthday present. After a couple games spent up in the nosebleed section this season, we finally made it down to the lower bowl. It doesn't quite get any better than that.

When we arrived around 3:30pm, we entered through the Event Center and quickly found ourselves amidst the likes of Steve Raible, Warren Moon and even Drew Carey. We then made our way to our seats, which were pretty impressive if I do say so myself. We had a great view of the field, our section was filled with nothing but Seahawks fans (which always makes the night more enjoyable), and we were free to roam around a bit before kickoff. So roam we did.

We made our way all the way down to the gate where the fan seating ends and the field begins. From there, we got an up-close and personal look at all of our favorite players, Paul Allen, a favorite former player, and the legend that is Mack Strong:

Mack Strong

Once warm-ups were over, we made our way back up to our seats and enjoyed a thorough butt-kicking on the part of our Seahawks. It's always nice to pound a division rival into the ground.

After the game, we made our way to the southwestern end of the stadium to wait for the players as they left for home (or wherever it is that they go after games). My fiancée even made her way (against a cop's orders) down the western side of the stadium to try and show a sign she had made for D-Jack to #82 himself, but she barely missed him as he made his way onto the team bus.

While she was down there, I managed to watch players like Matt Hasselbeck and Marcus Trufant (who drives a pretty sweet Dodge Charger, I might add) drive off the stadium lot. We also managed to talk to a man we dubbed "Scarface" who seemed to be Marcus' stalker, but I won't get into that.

All-in-all it was a great night and I think my fiancée really enjoyed the early present (and I feel pretty darn lucky having found a girl who likes football — and the Seahawksalmost as much as I do!).


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