Lyrical Easter Eggs

Album Cover: Blue Room EP

"Such a rush to do nothing at all."
Coldplay / Such a Rush

Posted on December 06, 2007 12:27 AM in Music
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Software developers aren't the only ones creating easter eggs:

[Those hidden references are] really for the people who like to listen like that [closely], first. And it's [also] for people to catch later. I think sometimes you have to leave [them] in there — it's almost like an Easter egg hunt or whatever. You just leave things in there that are too far. They're not set up, it's not your typical punch line, and you can't guess it. You know how sometimes someone says a line and you can guess the second one, where they're going? You can't guess it or can't see it [with me] — it just comes out of nowhere. And you might not get it ever. Or you might get it five years later. That's what it's for. Something you put on and you go, 'Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that he said ... .' I think that's the best thing about music, just realizing something years later. So I leave certain things out there, open-ended in space.

Jay-Z in an interview with MTV.


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