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Posted on December 15, 2007 2:34 AM in Computers
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Since we're on the subject of downloading YouTube videos with and I had mentioned editing such videos in Windows Movie Maker, I suppose I should clarify that statement.

After downloading a YouTube video via tonight and attempting to edit it in Windows Movie Maker, I realized that even though I had downloaded an .avi file, it showed up as completely black in Windows Movie Maker. This led me to do some (you guessed it) Googling, which in turn led me to a thread at Windows Movie Makers. That thread contained a couple posts that read as follows:

Unfortunately, doesn't convert files to a format that is compatible with Movie Maker. However, Media Converter does download and convert Youtube [sic] videos to a Movie Maker friendly format (wmv or avi).


If I recall correctly, it uses DivX to encode avi files and this is one of the known codecs to cause problems in Movie Maker.

So sure enough, I gave Media Converter a try, and the .avi it created works perfectly fine in Windows Movie Maker.

It looks like I may be able to uninstall the software I downloaded and just stick with Media Converter from here on out, since it didn't seem to suffer from the slowness of and actually offered more options for the type of file output to create.


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