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Posted on October 28, 2003 4:35 PM in XML
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Who'da thunk that only a few hours after posting about the benefits of XML I would stumble upon Microsoft's new Longhorn Development Center, which unleashes a whole slew of information concerning application development in Longhorn and how much it has been integrated with XML.

After visiting the initial site, I immediately jumped into their page on XAML ("zamul"), their new application modeling language for Windows Longhorn. I'm very intrigued by XAML because it allows someone with a strong background in Web-related design and development to go places only serious software developers have been able to go in the past. With XAML, developers are able to create Longhorn applications using XML documents, and this includes getting right at the UI elements of the operating system.

One of the interesting things to note about this new method of designing applications is that the application is now bound more directly with the browser than it ever has been before...mostly because the browser will, I assume, play such a large role in Longhorn in general. So, some .exe applications will launch Internet Explorer while others will simply launch a Windows application directly. Which route it takes is apparently up to the developer.

I plan on reading more and more about XAML as information becomes available, simply because I think it's cool to think about designing Windows applications using new technologies like XML and C#. However, because Longhorn is so far out on the horizon, it may be some time before I actually get to develop an application and get a feel for Longhorn development overall. It may seem strange to read about a Mozilla proponent being so excited about new Microsoft technology, but I just can't help it. New technology, no matter where or who it comes from, excites me because there's nothing cooler than being on the cutting edge.


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