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Every now and then I get inspired to try something new, and on a few of these occasions I've come up with something that sticks not only with me, but other people as well. Expect this page to grow over time as I find more free time and delve into more diverse areas of design and development.

GrayModern Theme for Firefox

GrayModern Theme for Firefox

For as long as I can remember using the original Mozilla Application Suite, I used the GrayModern theme created by Johannes Schellen.

Once I started using Mozilla Firefox religiously and put the Mozilla Suite behind me, I realized just how much I loved and missed the GrayModern theme. After requesting a port from the original creator to no avail, and eventually finding what I felt were lackluster renditions of the original theme, I decided to give it a go on my own.

After a few weeks of development, including some coaching from several theme gurus, I had a GrayModern port that I wasn't embarrassed to share with my fellow Firefox users. I created a new thread in the MozillaZine Forums titled GrayModern for Firefox and immediately began receiving feedback and constructive criticism from Firefox users.

The GrayModern project is still underway, and as things currently stand, the most stable release is version 0.7. The theme was recently updated to support the new UI elements in Firefox 1.5. For more information on this project, to provide feedback or ask questions, or to download the theme and try it out for yourself, please consult the following links:

» Download GrayModern v0.7
» GrayModern at
» GrayModern thread on MozillaZine (for feedback, suggestions, etc.)
» Contact me directly